Older generations driving more, crashing less, study says

If someone were to survey readers about who they think are the worst drivers, one of the typical responses may be the elderly. Our older generations are sometimes seen as slow to react when it comes to driving, but a recent study shows these ideas may not hold much water.

The study shows that drivers that are 70 and over are actually less likely to be seriously injured or killed in an accident and less likely to be involved in a crash than previous generations. That is especially true for those aged 80 and over.

Researchers say this may be because our older generations are getting healthier and our vehicles are getting safer.

There have been fears that as baby boomers age, there will be more car accidents, but research like this shows this may not be true. As of 2012, there were 29 million Americans that were 70 years old or older. That number is expected to increase to 64 million by 2050. Although these groups are involved in fewer accidents, it does not mean they are on the road less often. In fact, it seems that drivers 75 and older increased their average yearly mileage from 1995 to 2008 by more than 50 percent.

Just about anyone — regardless of age — can be involved in a Boston car accident. While it’s good to hear that our older generations may be feeling safer on the road, they still have a very real potential of being involved in a serious crash on any given day.

Source: Insurance Journal, “Grandpa and Grandma Much Safer Behind the Wheel Than Predicted,” Joan Lowy, Feb. 25, 2014