Fire concerns lead to space heater recall

This winter has been a particularly cold one here in the United States. In such conditions, some individuals here in Massachusetts have likely found keeping the house warm to be a somewhat bigger challenge than usual. One device that some individuals sometimes buy to help keep the house warm during the winter season are space heaters.

It can be a serious matter when space heaters intended for home use contain faults. Given that such devices contain heating elements, faults can sometimes cause space heaters to become dangerous fire hazards.

Recently, concerns regarding fire risk have led to a recall of a certain model of Duraflame-brand electric space heater. The model in question is the DSF-220 model. The model was sold nationwide. The number of heaters covered under the recall is upwards of 30,000. Under the recall, individuals who own a heater covered by the recall are instructed to unplug and stop using the heater and contact the product’s manufacturer, Twin-Star, about how to get a refund.

There have been reports of some heaters of the above-mentioned model melting and starting on fire. The article which reported this story did not mention if there have been any reports of injuries related to such fires.

One of the goals of product recalls, like this one, is to get a potentially dangerous product out of use before it can cause harm to consumers. Unfortunately, sometimes, recalls aren’t issued until after some individuals have already been injured by a product. Individuals who have been hurt by a product that was subsequently recalled might have legal options available and should consider talking to a product liability attorney.

Source:, “Electric space heaters recalled after reports of melting, fires,” March 5, 2014