Family of man who died after scuffle with mall guards brings suit

Sometimes, Massachusetts businesses will hire security personnel for their premises. The presence of such personnel can be of great help in protecting patron safety. However, when businesses fail to take proper steps to ensure that security guards that they have hired act properly in their interactions with patrons, there is the potential that such personnel could actually put the safety of individuals at risk. Fatalities can sometimes even result from improper conduct by security guards at a business.

A wrongful death case has recently arisen involving alleged actions by security guards. The case involves a mall in another state, Michigan.

One day, a scuffle occurred between security guards at the mall and a man who purportedly had gotten into some altercations at a mall jewelry store.

After the scuffle, the man died.

The man’s family says that the security guards engaged in improper conduct during the scuffle, including:

  • Making a race-based arrest of the man.
  • Causing the man to have breathing problems by battering, beating, choking, strangling and pinning him.
  • Not taking prompt and proper action to address the man’s breathing problems once they became apparent.

The man’s family further alleges that the company that owns the mall and the company that employed the security guards did not act properly in relation to the guards.

A wrongful death lawsuit has been brought by the man’s family against the guards, the owner and the employer in connection to these accusations.

When a person is injured or killed in an altercation with security guards at a business, careful investigation of the conduct of the guards and the business can be incredibly important. Pursuing litigation may be an option depending on what such an investigation uncovers.

Source: The Detroit Free Press, “Lawsuit seeks $800 million over man’s Northland Mall death,” Eric D. Lawrence, Feb. 26, 2014