Driver error believed to be behind Green Line accident

As our readers have likely heard, an accident recently occurred involving the Green Line of Boston’s subway system.

The accident happened early in the afternoon on March 10. A Green Line trolley that was traveling near Kenmore Station derailed and struck a tunnel wall. The accident resulted in 10 people getting hurt. These individuals were brought to a hospital following the crash.

What caused this public transportation accident? According to the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority, the cause was driver error. The MBTA says that they found through an investigation that the driver of the trolley had failed to comply with requirements regarding signals and speed. Purportedly, the driver has since been fired.

This is the second time this driver has been fired by the MBTA. His employment was terminated in 2010, but he was then reinstated due to an arbitration ruling. That firing had been related to a purported failure to report a trolley vs. pedestrian accident.

Given the significant amount of harm public transportation accidents can cause to passengers, one hopes that all public transportation drivers make sure to operate their vehicles in a safe manner and that all public transportation agencies have proper safety procedures and policies in place.

If a person has been hurt in a public transportation accident, such as a crash involving an MBTA vehicle, they could have several avenues for relief available. Personal injury attorneys can look into issues such as how a given public transit accident occurred and what parties were responsible for it and can give victims information regarding what options are available and what needs to be done to pursue such options.

Source:, “Human error found in Green Line trolley derailment; driver has been fired, source says,” Martin Finucane and Martine Powers, March 14, 2014