Worker suffers leg injury in accident at Massachusetts rail yard

A rail worker was recently hurt in a workplace accident here in Massachusetts.

The worker in question is a man from Greenfield who works at a rail yard in Deerfield. An accident occurred while the man was working by some railroad tracks at the yard on Jan. 28. The article on the Recorder’s website which reported this story did not have any details on the specific nature of the accident.

The man suffered a traumatic leg injury in the accident. He was transported by air to a hospital in Springfield, where he was listed in fair condition.

Leg injuries suffered in the workplace can have major care and medical costs connected to them. Such injuries can also sometimes take a person out of the workforce for awhile, thus impacting their ability to bring in income.

Consequently, workers who have suffered work-related leg injuries can find themselves in a difficult financial position. Thankfully, there are several different options for pursuing monetary relief that an injured worker may have access to, such as: workers’ compensation claims, disability benefits claims and third-party personal injury claims. Which specific options are available for a given worker whose leg was hurt in a workplace accident can depend on several things, including: what the cause of the accident was, what parties contributed to the accident and what specific impacts the injury is having on the worker. Experienced workplace accident attorneys can help injured workers come up with a relief-seeking strategy that is appropriate for their given situation.

Source: The Recorder, “Deerfield Rail Yard worker gets injured,” Jan. 28, 2014