Police suspect mattress in fatal auto crash fell from dump truck

There are many different types of misconduct by dump truck drivers that can cause accidents to occur. One is failure by the driver of a dump truck to take proper steps to prevent the objects their truck is carrying in its bed from being at risk of falling out. Accidents caused by objects that fell out of a vehicle, such as a dump truck, while the vehicle was traveling on a road sometimes have deadly results.

Recently, a fatal auto accident occurred in Massachusetts involving a mattress. According to authorities, last Tuesday afternoon in Burlington, a car and a pickup truck that were traveling on Interstate 95 got into a crash with each other. In the accident, the driver of the car was fatally injured and the driver of the pickup truck suffered minor injuries. According to authorities, the crash was caused by a mattress that was on the freeway.

How did the mattress end up on the freeway? Authorities suspect that the mattress fell out of a dump truck. According to authorities, the dump truck kept going after the mattress fell out. According to the article on CBS Boston’s website which reported on the accident, police are in the process of trying to find the dump truck.

As this collision illustrates, there are many different ways that fatal motor vehicle accidents can occur. Personal injury attorneys can investigate the causes of a given fatal traffic accident and can help the accident victim’s family determine what parties can/should be held responsible for the crash.

Source: CBS Boston, “Mattress Causes Deadly Crash On I-95 South In Burlington,” Jan. 28, 2014