Harvard student dies in accident involving two tractor-trailers

An undergraduate student who attended Harvard University reported died in a car accident on the New Jersey Turnpike early Monday morning. That accident occurred when a minivan veered into the oncoming lane, hit a guardrail and then went back into the center lane where it was struck by a big rig. The impact reportedly ejected the driver from the minivan, which resulted in his death.

In addition to the driver’s death, three passengers in the minivan were injured, one seriously so. All of those in the minivan were reportedly students at Harvard. 

At some point in the process, another big rig was involved in the crash. The accident is still under investigation, so it wouldn’t be right to make any conclusions. News sources seem to suggest that the minivan initiated the crash, but we’ll have to wait for any definitive determinations.

Accidents involving big rigs are obviously risky because of the sheer size of those vehicles. There are number of circumstances that can lead to truck accidents. One common reason for truck accidents is the truck driver’s failure to abide by hours-of-service rules and subsequently falling into a fatigued state. Driving while fatigued is, of course, quite dangerous and puts other drivers at risk.

When a motorist is harmed by a truck driver’s negligence, he or she has the right to seek appropriate compensation, if necessary through litigation. In doing so, it is important to work with an experienced attorney to ensure the best possible outcome in the case. 

Source: Nj.com, “Harvard student dies in crash involving 2 tractor-trailers on Turnpike in Robbinsville, officials say,” Mike Davis, February 10, 2014.