Explosions at ball bearing plant injure several

Workplace safety should always be a top priority at manufacturing plants. Accidents at manufacturing plants can have severe consequences; in some instances, they even lead to explosions occurring. Explosions at manufacturing plants can result in workers suffering a variety of serious injuries, such as burn injuries or injuries caused by being struck by flying debris.

On Monday afternoon, a pair of explosions occurred at a manufacturing plant in another state in the New England area, New Hampshire. The plant is a ball bearing factory.

According to a fire official, the two explosions happened in a chemical mixing area of the manufacturing plant. The two explosions happened in rapid succession, with the second one being larger than the first.

The exact cause of the explosions is still unclear, and the explosions are under investigation.

According to the Boston Globe article which reported on this story, the explosions caused 13 people to get injured. Two of the individuals suffered critical injuries and four of the individuals suffered serious injuries. The 13 hurt individuals were hospitalized following the explosions.

Being the victim of an explosion at one’s workplace can be an incredibly traumatic experience for a worker. The long-term and short-term impacts of such workplace incidents can be numerous.

The process of seeking financial relief for such impacts can be a very complex one. However, workers don’t have to go through this process alone. Personal injury attorneys can help individuals here in Massachusetts who have been hurt in a workplace explosion with the relief-seeking process.

Source: The Boston Globe, “13 injured in blasts at factory in N.H.,” Travis Andersen, Haven Orecchio-Egresitz and Derek J. Anderson, Feb. 10, 2014