Slip-and-fall case involving ice settled

Two major slipping hazards that can arise on properties here in Massachusetts in winter are snow and ice. It is very important for property owners to take proper steps to protect guests from such slipping hazards. This includes properly clearing out snow and ice from areas in which guests are likely to walk. It also includes not allowing defective conditions to exist on a property which could increase the chances of snow or ice hazards arising.

People may be tempted to view slips on snow or ice as minor things. However, slip-and-fall accidents caused by ice or snow can actually have substantial repercussions. People can suffer impactful injuries in such accidents. Thus, negligence by property owners when it comes to snow and ice on their property can be very harmful to guests.

Recently, in another state, a settlement was reached in a slip-and-fall case involving ice and allegations of property owner negligence.

The case involved a man who leased an apartment in New York. The apartment was next door to the home of his landlords.

Purportedly, on Jan. 31, 2011, the man went to his landlords’ home to make a rent payment. A representative of the man has said that there was a leaking drain pipe on the landlords’ property and that this caused an icy condition to develop on the driveway of the landlords’ property. According to the man’s representative, while the man was walking on this driveway, he suffered a slip-and-fall accident due to the ice and fractured his ankle.

The man brought a lawsuit against his landlords in connection to the accident. As we mentioned above, this case was recently settled. The man will receive a monetary payment under the settlement.

Source:, “Slip-and-fall in icy Staten Island driveway results in 250G settlement,” Frank Donnelly, Jan. 6, 2014