Recall issued regarding TV wall mounts

On Sunday evening, the TV will be the primary center of attention in many homes here in Massachusetts and throughout the nation, as it is Super Bowl Sunday. Gathering around the TV with friends and family to watch the big game, or even just the commercials, is a tradition that many people have. Some people will even go out and get a bigger TV with the Super Bowl in mind.

We tend to view TVs as very safe things. However, TVs can pose a safety risk if they fall. Given the large size of many TVs, people can suffer serious injuries when they are hit by a falling TV.

What can cause a TV to fall? One thing is when products that are used to hold TVs, such as display stands or wall mounts, contain defects and break.

Recently, a recall was announced of certain models of TV wall mounts. The models in question are eight models of mounts sold under the Ergotron brand that are intended for use with flat panel TVs or displays. These models were sold between February 2012 and January 2013.

The recall was issued in regards to concerns that a problem with one of the welds on the mount could cause the mount to break while it is holding a TV, and thus could cause a TV to fall. Under the recall, owners of the mounts can receive a free repair kit to address the weld issue.

No reports of injuries have been made in relation to the wall mounts, but there have been some reports of property damage.

One hopes that all companies that make or sell products designed to hold TVs take all proper precautions to ensure that their products do not have any faults that could cause the TV-watching experience to be anything other than a safe one.

Source: WLTX, “TV Wall Mounts Being Recalled For Faulty Part,” Jan. 27, 2014