Machinery accident at seafood plant results in fatality

Large machinery is a common sight at industrial plants. Workplace accidents involving such machinery can be catastrophic. One thing that can lead to such accidents occurring is failure by a company that runs a plant to comply with applicable safety standards when it comes to the machinery at the plant. Thus, it is incredibly important for companies with industrial plants here in Massachusetts to keep appraised of what safety standards apply to the machinery at their plants and to follow such standards.

Recently, a fatal industrial accident involving a piece of large machinery occurred here in Massachusetts.

The accident happened at a New Bedford seafood processing plant last Thursday while an employee of the plant who was working the night shift was cleaning a piece of machinery. The piece of machinery in question was a shellfish-shucking machine. According to authorities, the employee, a 35-year-old man, became caught in an engine in the machine and this resulted in him dying.

This fatal accident is under investigation by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. One of the things OSHA will be looking into is whether the company which runs the plant followed applicable safety standards when it came to the shellfish-shucking machine. The company has had safety violations issued against it by OSHA in the past.

Fatal industrial accidents can have vast impacts on the families of the victims. Families of individuals killed in an industrial accident may wonder whether they can take any actions to seek relief in relation to the accident, such as bring a wrongful death lawsuit. Experienced personal injury attorneys can review the details of fatal workplace accidents and go over potential relief-seeking options with the families of victims.

Source:, “Man dies in shucking machine accident at New Bedford seafood plant,” Maria Sacchetti and Catalina Gaitan, Jan. 17, 2014