Landlord accused of negligence in relation to stair accident

Sometimes, an apartment tenant will notice a potentially dangerous condition on a stairway in their apartment and report it to their landlord. Some examples of things that can cause a stairway to be hazardous are broken or defective railings, broken or defective steps and loose or worn carpeting on steps.

It is very important for apartment landlords here in Massachusetts to respond properly to reports of hazardous conditions on stairways on apartment premises. When landlords fail to take steps to correct a hazardous stairway-related condition that they have been made aware of, tenants can get hurt. Landlords should be held accountable when this occurs.

A lawsuit involving an apartment and a stairway accident has recently arisen in another state. The case involves a woman who, along with her husband, was a tenant of an apartment in Belleville, Illinois.

The woman and her husband allege that there was some loose carpeting on a set of stairs in the apartment they were renting. According to them, they informed their landlord of this loose carpeting. They claim that, despite this, the landlord did not take actions to address the condition.

The woman says that she then suffered a slip-and-fall accident due to the loose carpeting. The accident caused her to suffer injuries which required her to undergo surgery, according to her and her husband.

In relation to the accident and the alleged negligence, the landlord is being sued by the woman and her husband. The lawsuit is asking for damages, including damages for loss of consortium.

Source: The Madison-St. Clair Record, “Belleville tenants sue landlord over trip on stairs,” Jack Bianciotto, Jan. 21, 2014