Do electronic cigarettes pose a fire risk?

Officials in a major U.S. city have said that electronic cigarettes may pose a fire hazard. These officials are taking efforts to warn consumers of this potential hazard.

The city in question is Phoenix. One fire official in Phoenix has said that malfunctions are sometimes occurring regarding the charging of electronic cigarettes that are resulting in fires starting. According to the ABC 15 article which reported this story, the official has seen multiple fires involving electronic cigarettes.

One Phoenix-area couple who says that a fire occurred in their home due to an electronic cigarette is considering bringing a lawsuit in connection to the fire.

One wonders if the issue of electronic cigarettes and potential house fire risk will become a big one in other U.S. metro areas, such as here in the Boston area.

House fires can result in individuals suffering serious burn injuries. Burn injuries can cause significant pain and major permanent damage to their victims.

Thus, one hopes that all product manufacturers, including electronic cigarette manufacturers, take proper actions to ensure that their products do not contain faults or defects which could cause house fires.

If a person has been hurt in a house fire and they suspect that the fire was caused by a defective product, they may be able to pursue a case against the product’s manufacturer. Experienced personal injury attorneys can help victims of house fires determine if they have a product liability case or another type of personal injury case in relation to a fire.

Source: ABC 15, “Phoenix Fire Department officials warn electronic cigarette users about fire danger,” Lauren Gilger, Dec. 31, 2013