Accident at Logan International Airport results in worker’s death

Some workplaces, such as construction sites and airports, have a fairly high number of vehicles present on them. Special safety concerns can arise in connection to such workplaces. Thus, one hopes that all companies that have employees that work at such sites do everything they can to protect the safety of their workers. This includes giving proper safety training to workers who operate or direct vehicles as part of their job. It also includes having proper policies set up regarding vehicle safety.

Workplace accidents involving vehicles can be very harmful. In some instances, such accidents cause a worker’s death.

Recently, a fatal vehicle-related workplace accident occurred in the Boston area.

The accident happened at Logan International Airport on Monday. That evening, on a portion of tarmac by the airport’s north cargo terminal area, a lavatory waste truck driven by a 47-year-old worker was being directed towards a plane by a 59-year-old worker, authorities say. The truck was going in reverse. According to authorities, the 59-year-old worker was then hit by the truck.

According to the article on which reported on this story, the 59-year-old worker was fatally injured in this accident.

This workplace accident is currently under investigation by authorities. There are many factors to look into in investigations of workplace accidents. Thus, investigations of such accidents often take a fair amount of time. One wonders how long the above-mentioned investigation will end up going and what findings will be made in it regarding what caused this fatal accident to occur.

Source:, “Boston authorities continue to investigate death of 59-year-old worker killed on tarmac at Logan Airport,” Conor Berry, Dec. 31, 2013