Worker suffers burn injuries at West Lynn chemical plant

When a person is injured in a workplace accident in the Boston area, it is very important to seek legal counsel soon after the incident. On-the-job injuries not only result in steep medical bills, but also lost wages and, in some cases, temporary or permanent disability. Depending on the nature of a workplace accident, the options for recovering compensation in Massachusetts vary and it is important that injured workers understand their rights in this regard.

According to CBS Boston, a worker was seriously injured earlier today at a chemical plant in West Lynn. A fire was reported at the facility just before 11 a.m. this morning, and the worker suffered burn injuries and was transported from the worksite on Summer Street to Mass. General Hospital.

It has been reported that the worker was working with chemicals at the plant when vapors suddenly ignited, causing a flash fire. The worker suffered facial burns, according to the CBS Boston report.

The chemical plant makes flame-retardant textile coatings as well as water-based polyurethane coatings for floors and leather seating.

After any workplace accident, injured workers and their families may be entitled to pursue different forms of compensation, including workers’ compensation benefits, disability benefits, and/or personal injury claims. After suffering serious injuries on the job, recovery is the first thing on the minds of many injured workers. It is very important, however, to ensure that injured workers in the Boston area are not unnecessarily burdened by financial hardships in the wake of a workplace accident.

Source: CBS Boston, “Worker Burned In ‘Flash Fire’ At Lynn Chemical Plant,” Dec. 18, 2013