Hotel sued in relation to fatal treadmill accident

Many people here in Massachusetts will be traveling this holiday season. One thing that holiday traveling sometimes involves is a stay at a hotel.

There are many different amenities hotels provide their patrons. Some hotels have swimming pools or fitness facilities available for guest use. Such amenities are meant to be of benefit to guests. However, when hotels fail to take proper steps to ensure that these amenities are safe for guests, these amenities can actually end up causing a great deal of harm. Failure by hotels to act properly in relation to the facilities they give guests access to can sometimes even have deadly consequences.

Recently, a wrongful death case involving a hotel has come up in another state.

The hotel the case involves is in Houston, Texas. One day, a patron of the hotel fell while he was using a treadmill that was in an exercise room in the hotel, according to the family of the patron. The patron’s family says that the patron suffered a severe head injury in the fall and that this injury ended up being fatal.

The patron’s family alleges that the fall occurred because the treadmill contained a dangerous and defective condition. They claim that the hotel failed to take proper steps to address this condition.

The family of the patron is suing the hotel in relation to the fatal accident. Also named as a defendant in the family’s lawsuit is a company that the family says was responsible for maintaining the treadmill.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, “Family asserts defect in hotel treadmill caused man’s fatal head injury,” John Suayan, Dec. 23, 2013