Head-on crash in Massachusetts injures 5

Recently, a head-on collision occurred here in Massachusetts.

The accident happened on Sunday. Early that afternoon, a BMW and a Mitsubishi were traveling in Methuen. The two vehicles then collided head-on on Lowell Street.

The Mitsubishi had four occupants and all of them were injured in the accident. Also hurt in the accident was the driver of the BMW. The five injured individuals were brought to hospitals in the area after the collision.

According to the article on the Lowell Sun’s website which reported this story, police are currently investigating the crash. One wonders what will be found to have been the cause of the accident.

Thus far, authorities have not brought any charges in connection to the collision.

Head-on collisions can have major consequences for the individuals involved. For example, injuries suffered in a head-on accident sometimes cause a person to become temporarily or permanently disabled.

When it comes to head-on accidents, one thing that it can be incredibly important to look into in great detail is the conduct of the drivers involved. Driver negligence is a common cause of head-on collisions. Inattentive driving and improper passing are a couple of examples of negligent conduct by drivers that can lead to head-on crashes occurring. Determining whether or not driver negligence played a role in a head-on accident can help clarify what sort of compensation-seeking options are available for victims of the crash.

Performing a detailed crash investigation is one of the services a personal injury attorney can provide an auto accident victim.

Source: The Lowell Sun, “5 Lowell residents hurt in Route 110 crash in Methuen,” Grant Welker, Dec. 30, 2013