Boston police remain silent on police cruiser vs. bicycle crash

In July, we discussed a bicycle accident that took place near 24 New Chardon Street when a police cruiser struck a cyclist. About five months have gone by since that crash, and the Boston Police Department has yet to release the identity of the on-duty officer that was driving the cruiser. In fact, the department has shared very little information about the accident.

A bike safety group, the Boston Cyclists Union, has now called for the Boston Police Department to release information. The group claims that the area where the accident occurred is dangerous, and this problem should be brought to light and addressed. Furthermore, the group argues that the police officer and/or the police department needs to take responsibility for their actions.

The accident took place shortly after 8:30 a.m. on July 9 when the bicyclist was in the right-hand lane. The police cruiser was in the left lane.

The 63-year-old victim suffered a fractured leg, a laceration on his face, and abrasions. The police department said that the officer also sought medical treatment after the collision.

Boston Magazine obtained a copy of the police report of the crash, and the magazine claims police redacted the names of more than 40 public officials that were at the scene of the accident. The first page of the police report was not provided, and the magazine was not able to obtain information about whether an accident investigation took place and whether the officer was cited.

When on-duty police officers are involved in crashes, it is very important that thorough investigations take place. Police must follow strict protocols and laws, especially when they engage in pursuits, in order to prevent dangerous accidents. Those who are involved in accidents with police vehicles should seek legal counsel.

Source: Boston Magazine, “Boston Police Won’t Disclose Officer Involved in Summertime Cyclist Crash,” Edward Mason, Dec. 18, 2013