2 killed in industrial accidents in Boston within 5 days

On Monday evening, a 46-year-old worker was killed at Boston Bridge and Steel, near East Boston’s shipyard, after being tragically crushed by a 12,000-pound steel beam. The accident is the second fatal industrial incident to take place in the city within a five-day span, according to My Fox Boston. In the earlier incident, a construction worker died in a scissor lift accident.

The exact causes of these accidents have not yet been reported.

When fatal workplace accidents take place in Massachusetts, it is very important for the loved ones of the victims to seek legal guidance. In many cases, family members can obtain compensation for funeral expenses and lost wages, but this can be a fairly complicated process, depending on the nature of the accident. In some cases, families are best served by obtaining workers’ compensation benefits; but, in other cases, a third-party may have caused the accident, making it important for family members to file a wrongful death claim. While compensation certainly cannot bring a loved one back, it is important to ensure that Boston area families are not unnecessarily financially burdened due to the sudden loss of a loved one in a workplace accident.

In any event, it is always important to determine the cause of any fatal workplace accident in order to ensure that steps are taken to prevent additional accidents, as well as to hold any parties that may be accountable responsible for their actions. Sometimes, construction accidents and industrial accidents are caused by defective equipment or safety gear, for example, and it is critical for such issues to be addressed.

Source: Fox 25, “12,000 pound steel beam kills worker in East Boston,” Gail Waterhouse, Dec. 10, 2013