Survey: More and more drivers use cellphones behind the wheel

In this day and age, many Boston residents are plugged in all the time. They are constantly checking their email, keeping tabs on work and staying up to date on current events by keeping their smartphones in hand 24/7. One place, however, where drivers need to set their phones aside is behind the wheel.

Texting, talking, emailing and surfing the Web while driving have all proven to be deadly habits. These forms of distraction cause accidents, injuries and even fatalities every single day. Unfortunately, according to a recent survey, the number of people who routinely engage in these deadly distractions may be on the rise.

Accessing the Internet, texting and other forms of cellphone use are becoming more and more common, according to State Farm.

The insurance company reported that the number of motorists who use their phones to access the Internet while they are driving has actually doubled during the previous five years.

The use of hands-free cellphones in cars is also increasing. While many people may think this type of cellphone use is not dangerous, studies have shown that even hands-free devices are very distracting and their use can lead to car accidents.

State Farm seems to expect these numbers to continue to increase as more and more Americans of all ages become smartphone owners.

Massachusetts residents need to be aware that using a cellphone, in any fashion, is distracting. Distracted driving is a leading cause of car accidents. Those who are responsible for distracted driving related-car accidents may be held responsible for the injuries that they cause others. Those who have been injured by a distracted driver should consider seeking a legal consultation to learn about their rights. 

Source: Insurance Journal, “Older Drivers Catching Up with Younger in Distracted Driving: Survey,” Nov. 12, 2013