Boston University dorm fire caused by overheated laptop

It is very fortunate that no one was seriously injured when a fire broke out in a Boston University dormitory earlier this month. The Boston Fire Department has reported that the small fire was caused by a laptop that overheated. The laptop brand and model were not identified in a report about the incident.

According to that report, the fire broke out Oct. 13 when the laptop sparked a flame in a dorm room at 575 Commonwealth Ave. The entire seven-story building was evacuated after the fire was reported.

Although no injuries were immediately reported, the building sustained about $10,000 worth of damages, according to the fire department.

Residential fires often cause extensive property damage as well as injuries and fatalities, so it is great that in this case all of the residents of the 456-bed dormitory reportedly escaped unharmed.

When fires are caused by defective appliances or devices, such as computers and laptops, it may be important to hold the maker of the dangerous product accountable. This can be critical to ensure that something is done in order to prevent the product from causing fires elsewhere. And, pursuing legal action is also a way to obtain compensation for property damages as well as any medical expenses and other costs related to the fire.

Victims of fires should seek legal advice from a personal injury and fire attorney to learn whether it is possible to hold the responsible party legally accountable. In some cases, the responsible party may be the maker of a consumer product; in other cases, landlords who fail to maintain properties are at-fault; and, sometimes the negligence of construction companies or other parties is to blame. 

Source:, “Laptop fire causes BU dormitory to evacuate,” Matt Rocheleau, Oct. 13, 2013