Johnson & Johnson announce two more product recalls

It seems that the consumer giant Johnson & Johnson just can’t get its act straight. This month, the company announced two major product recalls after years of other safety issues. Once touted as a company that American families could trust, Johnson & Johnson has had more than its fair share of recalls involving products from contact lenses to hip replacement systems.

In an agreement with the Food and Drug Administration, Johnson & Johnson promised to step up the quality control at three of its manufacturing plants, and one plant in Pennsylvania has been out of operating since 2010. However, in the wake of the two recent recalls, some pharmaceutical industry experts say that the company is still falling short of expectations.


One of the products to be recalled was the injectable antipsychotic treatment Risperdal Consta, which is manufactured by the company’s pharmaceutical unit, Janssen. Johnson & Johnson notified doctors and patients after mold was discovered in a batch of the medication during routine testing.

The other product to be recalled this month was 200,000 bottles of liquid Motrin for infants after it was determined that the medication could contain tiny particles of plastic, about the size of a poppy seed. The problem reportedly occurred at a third-party manufacturer of the ibuprofen, which is the active ingredient in Motrin.

Although Johnson & Johnson said the risk to patients was low in both situations, it still suggests that the company is not doing enough to keep consumers safe from dangerous products. In many cases, it appears that cost-cutting is what results in quality and safety oversight.

After all of the personal injury lawsuits that have been filed against Johnson & Johnson, one would think that the company could see the value in introducing only safe products to the marketplace.

Source: New York Times, “New Recalls by Johnson & Johnson Raise Concern About Quality Control Improvements,” Katie Thomas, Sept. 13, 2013