Boston cops raise awareness on bike safety

Boston law enforcement officers want to do something about the high number of bicycle fatalities in the city, so they met on one of the city’s most dangerous intersections to raise awareness earlier this month. Officers from the Boston Police, Mass. State Police, Brookline Police, BU Police and Transit Police positioned themselves on Commonwealth Ave by the BU Bridge one morning and gave away 40 free bicycle helmets, as well as 40 citations for traffic violations.

There were a total of five bicycle fatalities that took place in Boston in 2012. According to a joint study by the City of Boston and Harvard University, it was determined that many of the accidents were caused by errors on behalf of the bicyclists. For that reason, officials are setting out to remind bicyclists that they, too, must follow traffic laws such as stopping at red lights.

But motorists must also do their part to percent bicycle accidents, officials say. For example, if a motorist cuts off a bicyclist, it is a clear violation of the law. The good news is that the overall number of bicycle accidents in the city has not gone up despite a large increase in ridership, officials say. That means that motorists and bicyclists are learning to share the roads.

Of course, bicycle accidents will continue to occur in the Boston area, often as a result of motorists who fail to see bicyclists because of blind spots or who fail to give bicyclists the right of way. When this happens, the bicyclist may be entitled to damages in a personal injury lawsuit. Following a bicycle accident, it’s important to consult an experienced personal injury lawyer right away to find out if a claim is possible.

Source: CBS Boston, “Police Enforce Bicycle Safety In Boston; 40 Citations Issued,” Karen Anderson, Sept. 12, 2013