Boat crashes into barge killing bride and best man

Many people in on the East Coast enjoy boating as a way to unwind and celebrate during the summer months. However, boating can also be extremely dangerous, especially at night when visibility is limited. The recent fatal boating accident on the Hudson River involving a wedding party is a tragic example of this.

On Friday night, the soon-to-be bride and the engaged couple’s best man were killed when the speedboat they were riding on crashed into a barge that was in place as part of the Tappan Zee Bridge reconstruction project. In the wake of the horrible accident, the families of the accident vicitms are asking the public for their knowledge on the river conditions that night.


Even though many were quick to assume that alcohol played a role in the crash — and authorties believe the driver of the boat was driving under the influence of alcohol — the families believe that the barge might not have been lit well enough for the boaters to see.

The U.S. Coast Guard released a statement on Monday saying that the barge did have the lights required by law, although boaters in the area have said that the lights are bright enough to properly warn boaters.
In a statement, the families said that the passangers aboard the boat had been drinking casually but were not inxtoxicated when the accident occured. In addition to the two deaths, four others suffered injuries.

Following a serious accident like this, a lengthy investigation will be needed in order to determine factors that could have played a role. If negligence played a role in the accident, it is possible that personal injury lawsuits could result.

According to reports, at least two of the passangers on the boat have already said they plan to file lawsuits against the barge operators.

Source: CBS News, “N.Y. boat crash victims’ families say booze not a factor,” July 31, 2013