Water accidents remind Massachusetts residents of boat safety

Over the Fourth of July weekend a Massachussets man was rushed to the hospital in critical condition after boating incident on Lake Cochituate, one of several that occurred during weekend festivities. The man, age 29, fell off of the boat he was on and struck his head on the propeller. There is no word yet on his recovery.

Hours later, two boats on Fort Meadow Reservoir in Marlborough crashed into each other. Fire officials on the scene siad the people involved in that crash refused medical treatment. At 9:30 p.m. police arrested a man for boating while intoxicated, although police did not indicate if the arrest was related to the accident.

According to state police, 68 reported boating accidents occured in Massachusetts in 2012 resulting in 17 fatalities. It is an unfortunate trend upward, as 46 accidents and nine deaths occurred in 2011.

State Environmental Police advize boaters to remain sober and wear life jackets while on the water. Proper boating equipment and maintenance are also necessary, police noted.

With summer in full swing boating is more popular than ever. Yet boat accidents can be as dangerous as car, truck and motorcycle accidents – operating any motor vehicle can result in a deadly crash.

Boaters who disobey laws, boat while under the influence of drugs or alcohol or act negligently in a boating accident may be liable for any injuries they cause. Money damages could include the cost of medical bills and lost wages, among others.

Massachusetts residents who have been injured in a boating accident should discuss their accident with a skilled personal injury attorney familiar with boating accidents to discuss their legal options.


Source: The MetroWest Daily News, “Police: Man stuck by boat prop in critical condition,” Brian Benson, July 06