As Boston politicians talk bike safety, another accident occurs

Bicycle accidents have been a serious problem in Boston over the past couple years, and legislation is currently being considered that would attempt to make the roads safer for bicyclists. The most recent serious bicycle accident to be reported happened Tuesday morning when a 64-year-old man on a bike was struck by a police cruiser on New Chardon Street.

According to the police report, the cyclist suffered non-life threatening injuries in the crash ans was released from the hospital. Apparently, the police officer involved with the crash also had to be taken to a local hospital for treatment. The accident is currently being investigated by Boston Police Department’s Accident Reconstruction Team and no charges have been issued at this point in time.

The accident occurred just days after candidates in the city’s mayoral race discussed what more can be done to protect the city’s bicyclists. Beacon Hill is also considering legislation imposing stricter fines on drivers who violate the right-of-way of bicyclists. Bicycle advocacy groups have sponsored rides to the state capitol in effort to encourage Massachusetts lawmakers to pass new bike laws.

When it comes to motor vehicle-bicycle accidents it appears that motorists and bicyclists are quick to blame each other. Many motorists feel that bicyclists act like they “own the road” and make dangerous manuevers in the way of cars. On the other hand, many bicyclists say that motorists don’t watch for bicyclists and fail to respect the fact that the law gives them a right to be on the roads.

Ultimately, accidents between cars and bicyclists are often serious because of the sheer difference in size and weight between the two. Bicycle riders who are injured in accidents may be wise to speak with a personal injury lawyer who can help determine if they may be entitled to damages for the injuries they sustained.

Source: Boston Magazine, “Officials Are Investigating an Accident Between a Cyclist and Boston Police Cruiser,” Steve Annear, July 9, 2013