Authorities believe they know the cause of Quincy house fire

House fires not only cause serious property damage, they can also claim lives and cause catastrophic injuries. In fact, burn injuries are among the most painful injuries that can occur. Not only are victims often exposed to multiple surgeries and skin grafts, they also often face a long recovery period.

It is common for house fires to be caused by faulty wiring, dangerous space heaters, or shoddy construction techniques, but Boston authorities believe it was discarded smoking materials that caused a serious house fire in Quincy early this morning. According to fire investigators, the smoking materials were carelessly disposed of on the back porch of the second floor of the home.

The Quincy deputy fire chief said the blaze broke out at the two-family home around 3 a.m. while residents, including a child and an elderly disabled woman, were asleep. Luckily, all four of the residents who were home at the time were able to safely escape the flames.

The deputy fire chief said that the flames became so intense that firefighters had to evacuate the home and fight it from outside in order to stay safe. Firefighters also evacuated residents of neighboring homes out of fear that the tall flames would spread. Thankfully, though, the firefighters were able to contain the flames to the first home before putting them out.

The displaced residents of the two-story home that was destroyed are being cared for by neighbors and the Red Cross. Neighbors who witnessed the ordeal said that it was heartbreaking to see how much damage a fire can do in a matter of minutes. Although losing belongings is extremely hard, the residents are lucky that no one was seriously injured or killed in the house fire.

Source: CBS Boston, “Discarded Smoking Materials Spark Quincy House Fire,” Sera Congi, May 7, 2013