11 Boston students injured in school bus accident

Today, 34 middle school students from Newton, Massachusetts, were taken to a local hospital after their school bus was involved in a three-vehicle crash, law enforcement officials said. The bus accident occurred around 7:30 a.m. as the bus was taking students enrolled in the Metco program from Boston to Lexington.

Police said all of the students as well as the bus driver were waken to the hospital as a precaution, and 11 had to be treated for injuries. Luckily, none of the injuries appear serious. Four of the students said they had neck or back pain, while the rest of the students were treated for bumps, bruises, scrapes and other minor abrasions, law enforcement officials said.

So far, a police investigation reveled that the accident occurred when the bus rear-ended a stopped vehicle at a traffic light, which then caused the stopped vehicle to smash into the car ahead of it.

It is likely that the investigation will continue to determine the exact cause of the accident. Because bus drivers carry such precious cargo, it’s essential that they are properly trained and qualified for the job. A background check may also be completed on the school bus driver to determine if he or she should be behind the wheel in the first place.

School bus companies can face major liability if one of their buses is involved in a serious accident that was caused by negligence. Not only are school bus companies held responsible for the negligent actions of their drivers, they can also face liability for improper repair or maintenance of school buses.

Source: Boston Herlad, “34 students hospitalized after Newton bus accident,” April 30, 2013