Woman recovers from face transplant after suffering serious burns

One woman who suffered terrible burns to a majority of her body in 2007 made significant progress in her recovery when she received a face transplant at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston last month. The woman suffered burns to 80 percent of her body when her now ex-husband attacked her with lye. He also broke her arm and blinded her in the attack.

Since this woman was seriously injured when she was attacked, she has had over 50 surgeries. As a result of these surgeries, she can now see out of one eye again and she has skin grafts.

The most recent surgery involved transplanting skin from a donor’s neck, nose, and lips. In addition, she received the donor’s facial muscles, arteries, and nerves. After the surgery, the woman, who has an amazingly positive attitude about her experience wrote, “I know how truly blessed I am, and will have such a nice reflection in the mirror to remind myself what selfless really is.”

However this woman’s recovery has not come without many costs. Before the attack, she worked as a transplant nurse. However, her injuries would make it very difficult for her to continue working as a nurse. So, in addition to incurring many medical expenses and going through emotional and physical trauma, this woman has lost wages and the opportunity to advance her nursing career.

This woman may have felt that some justice was brought to the situation when her ex-husband was sentenced to 30 years in prison two years after the attack. However, his prison term will never erase the struggles she has experienced as a result of his attack. If a person suffers a serious burn injury like this woman did, he or she may want to consider seeking legal guidance from a personal injury attorney.

Source: Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, “Burn victim getting used to new look,” Bridget Murphy, Feb. 28, 2013