Boston co-ed fights to recover after deadly NZ car wreck

A Salisbury, Massachusetts family got the scare of a lifetime when their 21-year-old daughter was in a serious car accident while studying abroad. The accident occurred in New Zealand when a passenger van filled with college co-eds swerved off of the road and rolled several times.

The 21-year-old Boston University student was thrown from the vehicle and landed in the road along with three others, who did not survive the wreck. While the young woman is certainly lucky to be alive, her recovery so far has been anything but easy.

The young woman suffered a traumatic brain injury and doctors told her parents that they may never get their daughter back. Her once long, auburn hair is now cut short, and a chunk is missing from her skull. For that reason, the young woman has to wear a hockey helmet to protect her brain when she is out and about.

But the young woman has continued to fight. She has learned to walk, dress, bathe and feed herself again. She also took part in intensive speech and reading therapy, with the hope that she would one day be able to return to BU to finish her senior year and business degree.

In September, the young woman returned to Massachusetts General Hospital where doctors repaired the hole in her skull with a custom-made plastic implant. Now her brain would be safe in case she fell and she could stop wearing the helmet. In January, the young woman accomplished another goal when she returned to BU for spring semester, and in February, she got back her first test.

“I got a B, which is OK,” she told the Associated Press. “Not great, not phenomenal.” But the young woman’s strive to recovery has been nothing short of phenomenal.

Source: Associated Press, “After a car crash in New Zealand, Boston University student Meg Theriault strives to heal,” Bridget Murphy, March 9, 2013