Massachusetts sees seven fires in one week, victims’ states vary

Our homes are perhaps the most important place to us. We cherish and expect that the comfort and safety they provide for us will remain constant and when that ideal is broken by the harsh reality of a house fire, the loss can be devastating. Earlier this month, Massachusetts saw a cluster of fires all around the state, leaving homeowners and families to cope with the aftermath of the disasters.

One fire took place in Barre and one woman perished in it before the emergency personnel could rescue her. Her home was on Trafalgar Square and the fire brigade explained that the fire was swift and spread quickly. According to the state fire marshall, she had been very close to the building’s front door when the fire rescuers reached her. The building was reported to seemingly not have had functioning smoke detectors.

In another tragic fire, one family lost their home. The only residents inside an apartment building in Lowell, they were given relief with the Red Cross and they now must begin to figure out how to carry on with their lives. The four adults were not mentioned as having suffered injuries; however two firefighters did reportedly get treated for some. This fire required a crew of some 100 different people in an effort to quench the flames.

Events such as these two can dramatically affect people’s lives. This family and the family of the woman whose life was lost are now dealing with the very real and very difficult position of assessing how to move forward. For other Massachusetts residents who have had their lives impacted in similar ways to the above situations, working with a personal injury attorney may help to understand the opportunities available.

Source: The Boston Globe, “String of fires hits 7 communities across Mass.,” Travis Andersen and Lauren Dezenski, Jan. 25, 2013