39 injured in Boston bus accident, teen in critical condition

More information has been released on the Boston charter bus accident that left 39 people injured. The accident occurred Saturday evening when a charter bus transporting students and chaperones back to the Philadelphia area after a tour of Harvard crashed into an overpass.

The passenger most seriously injured in the bus accident was a 17-year-old boy who remains in critical condition. In a statement, the boy’s mother said her son is “badly injured” but is “alert and aware of what is happening.” The boy was part of a non-profit group that helps mentor underprivileged kids.

According to police, the bus had departed the Harvard campus Saturday evening and was making its way back to the Philadelphia area on Soldiers Field Road when the roof of the bus was partially sheared off by an overpass with only a 10-foot clearance. Signage was posted saying that the road was for cars only and warning of the low bridge.

The owner of the company that owns the bus, Calvary Coach, said the driver looked away from the road to check his GPS device in the moments before the crash. The owner said that when the 66-year-old driver looked back up, he saw the low bridge and crashed into it. Police have not said if charges will be filed against the bus driver, but they said an investigation is pending.

At this point, it appears that negligence on behalf of the bus driver was responsible for the accident. Because employers can be held liable for the negligent actions of their employees, it is likely that the bus company could face personal injury lawsuits stemming from this accident.

Source: NBC Philadelphia, “Teen Still Critical After Boston Bus Crash,” Vince Lattanzio, Feb. 7, 2013