Trial date set in Massachusetts wrongful death suit

A judge has decided that a wrongful death suit involving an underage woman killed after leaving a sports stadium will have its day in court this coming April. At the same time, the family of the deceased woman has requested that the judge allow them to gather more information from stadium workers.

The unfortunate death occurred several years ago at Gillette Stadium, a Massachusetts sports arena where a number of events are held every year. It primarily serves as the home venue for the NFL’s New England Patriots.

The Patriots team owner, Bob Kraft, has been attached to the wrongful death suit in some media reports, but The Kraft Group sent out an email last week clarifying that no member of the Kraft family had been named as a defendant in the case, nor have they been deposed.

But Bob Kraft and others are still expected to be hit with a wrongful death suit stemming from a fatal accident producing two deaths. One of the contentions is that security personnel failed to restrict parking lots to ticket-holders. The two girls killed did not hold tickets to the sporting event but showed up to participate in a parking lot party anyway.

Kraft attorneys insist that they aren’t trying to keep families from gaining access to security workers assigned to the lot in question, but the families insist that’s the case.

The case has dragged along for four-and-a-half years, but a judge is now trying to speed things up and get the case resolved.

Source: 7 News WHDH, “Judge sets trial date for Gillette wrongful death suit,” Victoria Black, Dec. 19, 2012