Sportscaster returns to ESPN following grill accident

Back in December, an ESPN sportscaster had the scare of her life when she suffered serious burn injuries in an accident involving a propane grill. After weeks of recovery efforts, the female sportscaster stepped back in front of the camera yesterday for “SportsCenter.”

The woman suffered first- and second-degree burns to her face, hands, chest and neck on Dec. 11 when the propane grill she was using at her home exploded into flames. The flash flames burned off the woman’s eyebrows, eyelashes and half of her hair. Additionally, the flames melted some of the skin on the woman’s nose and hands, and left her corneas badly damaged.

Luckily, the woman’s corneas are expected to heal on their own. However, the woman, who makes a living in front of the camera, will likely have permanent changes to her appearance as a result of the accident.

Even though the experience has been traumatic, the woman returned to TV when she co-hosted ABC’s telecast of the Rose Parade on Jan. 1. She plans to gradually return to fulltime work, depending on how her recovery goes.

As we often discuss on this blog, burn injuries are often life-altering. Not only are burn victims highly vulnerable to infection and endure severe pain, they often have to go through multiple reconstructive surgeries to reduce the scarring and disfigurement. Oftentimes, scars serve as a permanent reminder of the fire or explosion that caused their injuries.

Some people with burn injuries are able to recover damages in personal injury lawsuits against people or companies responsible for the fire or explosion that injured them. For example, if it turns out that the sportscaster’s propane grill was defective, she may be able to sue the manufacturer and receive compensation for her suffering and expenses.

Source: Boston Globe, “Hannah Storm returning to ESPN set after accident,” Jan. 11, 2013