Worker injured at Boston construction site

A construction accident in Boston last week could have left a worker seriously injured or even killed, but thanks to emergency responders, only his foot was injured. The construction accident occurred at a South Boston building site on the afternoon of Nov. 5 when a wooden form containing concrete collapsed.

The heavy wooden form trapped a worker, who is employed by concrete subcontractor J.L. Marshall & Sons of Seekonk, Massachusetts. The worker remained trapped from the ankle down for an hour as 40 members of the fire department’s technical rescue teams worked to free him.

The worker remained conscious during the entire rescue effort and was immediately transported to a local hospital for treatment. According to reports, the accident only caused him to suffer minor injuries to his foot. The worker was expected to return to work this week.

A fire department spokesman said the worker was “checking on the form to make sure it was holding the concrete in place” when the form buckled. He said the space the worker was stuck in was filled with steel, wood, soft concrete and dirt, which is why it took so long to get the worker out.

The construction site is the future home of a 12-story commercial office building and an eight-story parking garage. Officials from the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration inspected the job site following the accident to determine why the collapse occurred and if workers were in danger.

The construction company could potentially face OSHA fines if safety breaches are discovered. It is likely that the injured worker will be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits to cover his medical bills and lost wages, if any. A personal injury lawsuit is also a possibility.

Source: Boston Globe, “Man hurt at Boston construction site,” Kathleen Conti, Nov. 5, 2012