Head of Massachusetts Highway Safety has poor driving record

There are a lot of bad drivers on Massachusetts roads, but one wouldn’t think the director of the Massachusetts Highway Safety Division would be one of them, right? Wrong, according to a recent newspaper report. The report indicated that the director’s driving record included seven car accidents, four speeding tickets and one ticket for failing to wear a seatbelt.

Soon after the director’s driving record was reported by the Boston Globe, the state secretary of Public Safety and Security released a statement that the director would be reassigned to a “different role” in the department. The secretary also acknowledged in the statement that the woman “should not have been hired as the director of Highway Safety in 2007” given her driving record.

The former director is still on medical leave from her position following the last accident she was involved in, which occurred in August. According to a statement the former director made to police following the accident, she ran off of the road in order to avoid an oncoming vehicle. She ended up suffering a head injury in the accident.

In the Sunday paper, the Boston Globe reported that the former director had 34 entries on her driving record since 1982, and that her license was “nonrenewable” until Nov. 1 for failure to pay local excise taxes.

In her position as head of highway safety in the state, the former director was in charge of overseeing public campaigns on the dangers of speeding, texting while driving, driving while impaired and not buckling up. In her latest accident, it isn’t clear if she had been distracted when she drove her state vehicle off the road during the middle of the day.

Source: The Boston Globe, “Mass. highway safety head loses job after report,” Nov. 18, 2012