Elevators and escalators must be properly maintained

When riding on an elevator do you ever consider that the elevator has not been properly maintained and may in fact be dangerous to ride on? Most of the millions of people who use elevators and escalators in Massachusetts every day probably do not consider them to be dangerous.

However, if elevators and escalators are not regularly inspected, then things can become dangerous very quickly. An elevator or escalator accident can have serious, if not catastrophic, consequences.

Whether it be in a major business complex or in a small apartment building, maintaining elevators and escalators in proper working order is absolutely necessary in order to protect riders from suffering a serious personal injury or even a wrongful death. If necessary elevator repairs are neglected and regular maintenance servicing is not performed then this can be an accident waiting to happen.

While most maintenance issues will not necessarily be life-threatening in nature, if an elevator or an escalator is neglected for a long period of time without servicing, deficiencies can increase placing passengers at serious risk of injury.

This is when it becomes absolutely vital that property owners take responsibility for the maintenance of their premises in order to prevent serious risks for elevator and escalator riders.

Depending upon the particular property, it may be necessary to hire an in-house expert who can ensure that safety is properly maintained. Even if a manager is hired, the owner and operator of the property will remain responsible for any harm that is inflicted on a rider from improper maintenance or other dangerous conditions.

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