Report: 58 Massachusetts workers killed on the job in 2011

According to a report compiled by several safety advocacy groups, 58 workers were killed in workplace accidents in Massachusetts last year. The report, entitled “Dying for Work in Massachusetts: The Loss of Life and Limb in Massachusetts Workplaces,” is aimed at promoting job safety.

“What’s most distressing about the findings in Dying for Work is the number of preventable accidents that are claiming the lives of so many hard working men and women every year,” the report’s co-author said. “More disturbing still is that many of these accidents are similar to the accidents that killed workers the year before, and the year before that.”

The report indicated that the number of workplace deaths fluctuates from year to year in the state, with no clear pattern of increases or decreases. In 2010, 47 workers were killed on the job and in 2009 62 workers lost their lives. As the report’s co-author alluded to, workplace deaths are more common in certain industries.

The report indicated that 13 Massachusetts firefighters were killed on the job 2011. Another eight workers were killed while working constructions jobs, a notoriously dangerous line of work. Hazards conditions are common at construction sites and often lead to workplace injuries or death.

When a worker is seriously injured or killed on the job, an investigation is often conducted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The employer could face hefty fines if safety violations are found on the job site.

Additionally, it is often possible for the victim or the victim’s family to file a personal injury lawsuit against the employer or a third-party if negligence contributed to the accident.

Source: EHS, “58 Workers Died on the Job in Massachusetts in 2011,” Laura Walter, Aug. 26, 2012