Massachusetts worker suffers burn injuries in explosion

Burn injuries are extremely painful and can lead to multiple surgeries. The recovery time following burn injuries is usually very long, and the burn victim is often at risk of infection and other complications. The psychological impact of a burn injury can also be very difficult to take. This is why accidents involving fires or explosions are so serious.

One Massachusetts worker who was burned in an explosion last week knows all too well painful the injuries can be. According to reports, the man was laying tile in a first-floor bathroom of a multi-family home in Worchester when an explosion rang out and caused a house fire.

Frantic calls were made to 911 reporting the loud explosion and subsequent fire that sent black smoke billowing into the sky. A woman who lives next door to the house said she saw the worker come outside with his pants on fire. She said someone was helping him to put the fire out, though his hand was badly burned.

The worker was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of severe burns to his forearms and hands. According to officials with the fire department, the burns covered about 10 percent of the worker’s body. They said no one else was injured in the fire. Two students living on the second floor were able evacuate safely.

Fire officials said the house is likely damaged beyond repair. They said the fire is still under investigation, but they think the worker may have used a type of adhesive while tiling that “accumulated some flammable fumes.” They have not yet been able to pinpoint a cause of the explosion.

If the explosion was caused by a dangerous product that malfunctioned, it is possible that the manufacturer could face a personal injury lawsuit. Of course, it is also possible that negligence on behalf of the injured worker caused the explosion. Hopefully, the investigation will provide some answers.

Source:, “Worcester, Mass. house explosion seriously burns worker,” May 16, 2012