Lawsuit following accident at movie set settles for $18.5M

Head and brain injuries are often catastrophic, leaving a victim unable to function and communicate as they once could. With the most serious brain injuries, the victim may require constant assistance to perform everyday tasks such as eating, bathing or getting dressed. For that reason, brain injuries can change a person’s life forever.

This week, the Boston Globe reported that a personal injury lawsuit stemming from a brain injury that occurred during the filming of “Transformers 3” has been settled. During the production of the movie, a woman suffered a blow to the head and was left with brain damage. Recently, the woman’s family reached a settlement with Paramount Pictures for a reported $18.5 million.

The accident occurred in 2010 when the 26-year-old woman was working as an extra on the movie set and was hit in the head by a piece of flying metal. An investigation concluded that the accident occurred during an action scene when a weld connecting a car to a cable failed, hurling the piece of metal through the air.

A spokesman for Paramount expressed condolences for the accident, but said the studio is happy that the family agreed to a settlement offer. He called the woman’s brain injury a “tragic accident.”

An attorney for the family said that the 26-year-old needs constant care and that part of the settlement will be set aside to make sure she has the necessary care for the rest of her life.

When a family member is left with a disabling injury because of the negligence of another person or entity, a personal injury lawsuit is one way to make sure that the accident victim is provided for. Without these damages, the cost of care is usually more than the family can afford.

Source: Boston Globe, “$18.5M settlement for ‘Transformers 3’ injury,” May 23, 2012