Massachusetts experiences string of serious car accidents

Last weekend saw a string of serious motor vehicle accidents throughout the Bay State, police officials reported. They have not said if Super Bowl partying was a factor in any of the accidents.

The final accident occurred on Sunday evening outside of Boston in Danvers when a car crashed into a guardrail and rolled while southbound on Route 35. A 30-year-old driver was killed in the wreck.

The car struck multiple barriers after plowing through the guardrails, which caused the vehicle to flip onto its roof. Reports indicate that the vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed, which likely contributed to the accident.

A 37-year-old passenger was flown to Massachusetts General Hospital for treatment. The driver was wearing his seatbelt, but his passenger was not. Police have not determined if alcohol may have played a role. The crash forced lane closures on the highway for two hours.

Later that night, a two-car crash in the town of Revere caused injuries among the four people involved. Multiple people were rushed to the hospital, although details about their medical conditions were not immediately released. The cause of this accident remains under investigation by state police.

These accidents follow a string of other serious crashes over the weekend, including a two-car accident in Hyde Park that killed a 24-year-old driver and injured four other people, police said.

A variety of causes and factors contribute to the severity of crashes. Super Bowl partying may have played a role in the Sunday crashes, but further investigation will reveal the true cause of this accident trend.

Hopefully, this weekend will be much safer on the Bay State’s roads.

Source: Boston Herald, “Deadly weekend on Bay State roads,” Matt Stout, Feb. 6, 2012