Building fire in Cambridge leaves three firefighters injured

Fires displace far too many families each year in the United States. Not only that, fires take lives prematurely and leave people with serious internal and external injuries. All too often house and building fires are preventable, and some form of negligence is to blame.

At this point, the cause of a devastating two-alarm fire in Cambridge, Massachusetts, early Monday morning is unknown. The blaze, which officials said broke out just after midnight, demolished a triple decker multi-family home over Harvard Square.

Luckily, all 14 residents and four dogs were able to escape the burning building unharmed. However, three firefighters were injured battling the fire when their ladder came into contact with a live electrical wire and they were shocked.

According to reports, firefighters appeared to have the blaze under control at one point, but then it reignited, engulfing the back porch of the building in flames. The wind also did not help the efforts as it sent sparks into nearby yards, it was reported.

Officials said that the fire was nearly put out by 2 a.m. The three injured firefighters are expected to fully recover. Undoubtedly, an investigation will take place to determine the cause of the fire.

House and building fires can be caused by faulty wiring, the use of dangerous heaters, shoddy construction techniques and defective appliances, furnaces and boilers. It is also possible that a building inspector turned a blind eye to code violations.

If any of these situations exist, a personal injury lawsuit may be a possibility following a house or building fire. Personal injury lawsuits are intended to compensate fire victims for financial, physical and emotional suffering.

Source: Wicked Local Cambridge, “Fire engulfs Brewer Street multi-family home in Cambridge,” Andy Metzger, Jan. 30, 2012