Two Massachusetts workers burned in highway repair accident

Accidents can occur in just about any line of work, but the construction industry seems to have significantly more work-related injuries than all the rest. This is likely because construction work is inherently dangerous, putting workers at risk of falls, electrical accidents, chemical exposure and building collapses.

Many times, victims of work-related injuries are left unable to work for a long period of time and face significant financial challenges. Others can never return to work because the accident left them totally or partially disabled.

Recently, two Massachusetts Department of Transportation workers were injured when a flash fire ignited as they were making repairs to a pipe in Waltham.

Reportedly, the workers had been drilling into the pipe to fix a leak on the Route 117 bridge that runs over Route 128 when they came into contact with a live electrical line. Flames erupted and caused burns to both of the workers.

One worker is said to have suffered burns to his face, and the other reportedly suffered minor burns to his hands. It appears that both men will make a full recovery, but who knows how long the men will be out of work or how their injuries will affect their careers.

It is likely that an investigation will take place to determine if the men were unnecessarily put at risk. In cases where an employer or third party is partially liable for a work-related injury, it is often possible for the worker to bring a personal injury claim for damages.

The damages received can help cover medical costs and lost wages stemming from the accident. It also sends a message to employers and third parties that they must adhere to safety rules and regulations at all times. The safety of workers should always come first.

Source: The Boston Globe, “2 workers hurt repairing highway bridge,” Dec. 30, 2011