Boston family sent to hospital with CO poisoning

There are some unsafe property conditions that are invisible to the naked eye, including carbon monoxide. Massachusetts residents need to be aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning, especially during the winter time.

This morning, a Boston family was taken to a local hospital after suffering carbon monoxide poisoning. A mother and her three children suffered the injuries, which did not appear to be life-threatening.

However, at least one person was reported unconscious at the residence, and firefighters reported that there were high levels of the gas at the home when they arrived around 7:30 a.m.

Oddly, firefighters had been called to the house the evening before when the family’s CO detector went off. But firefighters were not able to get a CO reading when they inspected the house, so the family was told it was safe.

The father then took the family’s CO detector out of the wall when it began sounding again. This morning, it was apparent that CO was in the home and the family called firefighters once more.

This time, the firefighters were able to detect high readings of CO coming from the heating system, which was then turned off.

A spokesman from the fire department said they are not sure why the CO was not detected the first time. The spokesman said that it is possible that the CO detector used by the firefighters was not working correctly.

Because CO is an odorless and tasteless gas, we must depend on detectors to keep us safe. That is why it’s so important that homeowners and firefighter alike have working CO detectors.

Source: Boston Globe, “Mother, three children from Hyde Park taken to hospital after carbon monoxide exposure,” Colin A. Young, Jan. 23, 2012