Illegal immigrant blamed for Massachusetts fatality

Immigration reform is one of the hottest topics in politics right now, and it’s accidents like the one that occurred in Milford, Massachusetts, last month that continue to add fuel to the fire.

According to police, an immigrant who is in the country illegally and was drunk driving is responsible for the fatal motorcycle accident that took the life of a young Massachusetts man.

Police have accused the male immigrant from Ecuador of dragging the motorcyclist for a quarter of a mile before stopping his vehicle. Making matters worse, police reported that the man also has a previous criminal record.

People who support the federal government’s Secure Communities program have said that the accident and ones of a similar nature are a prime example of why the program is necessary and should be embraced by Massachusetts’ governor.

On the other hand, advocates for immigrants say that immigration and drunk driving are two separate issues that should not be jumbled together as one.

No matter how you look at it, any driver without a license and insurance is a threat on the state’s roads, no matter who his or her immigration status may be. It’s important that drivers carry insurance so that in the case of an accident, the victims have a way to be compensated for their losses.

Additionally, people who are injured by drunk drivers also need to have a way to be compensated. This is perhaps an even bigger problem as drunk drivers can cause especially severe injuries as they are known for speeding, driving on the wrong side of the road and causing head-on collisions.

Source: New York Times, “Fatal Accident Puts Focus on Deportation Program,” Abby Goodnough, Sept. 29, 2011.