Accidental fall from skylight takes life of Boston woman

A strange accident has left a 20-something woman dead in South Boston and many remaining questions. The Boston Globe reported that the woman fell through a skylight on the roof of an office building, but what she was doing up there and how she fell have yet to be determined.

Police did indicate that the fall was likely accidental and that no foul play is suspected. They also ruled out drugs or alcohol as a factor, the Boston Globe reported. The woman has not been identified as of yet, pending the notification of family.

What is also known is that police responded to a 911 call at about 8:30 p.m. Saturday from a friend of the woman saying that she had fallen through a roof skylight a seventh-story of a building. However, the friend was not able to describe the exact location of the woman, so it took police a long time to find her and first they searched the wrong building.

When they identified the right building, they determined that the woman landed on the third floor of walled-off shaft inside 281 Summer St., and they had to cut through several walls before reaching her lifeless body. The darkness of the entire nighttime operation also made the rescue mission difficult and time-consuming, a fire spokesman told the Boston Globe.

Reportedly, at least one other person, a male, was also taken from the scene in an ambulance that night, but details remain hush. The building does not appear to have roof access or any type of communal space. People interviewed by the Boston Globe said that they were not aware of people spending time on the roof.

As of yet it is unclear if this accident could lead to a personal injury lawsuit. Although property owners have a duty to keep their buildings free from dangerous conditions, if the woman was trespassing at the time of the accident or knowingly on the roof when she was not supposed to be, it may be difficult to prove that the property was negligently maintained or operated.

Source: Boston Globe, “Woman’s fall from skylight an accident,” Matt Rocheteau, Sept. 12, 2011.