People hurt when MBTA escalator stairs collapse

Last week was an exciting one for Bruins fans in the Boston area as the team cinched the Stanley Cup from the Vancouver Canucks. But several Bruins fans got more excitement than they bargained for when a MBTA escalator reportedly came to a sudden stop and collapsed, injuring several people en route to the team’s celebratory parade on Saturday.

Officials from the MBTA have said that they are investigating the issue and that Transit Police arrived at the scene immediately and called for assistance when they saw that people had been injured.

Two of the people injured in the accident were a woman and her son who had been riding the escalator, which brings Commuter Rail passengers to the street level at Back Bay Station, on their way to the Bruins parade.

The woman said that suddenly the packed escalator stopped and the stairs flattened, which “felt like having a rug pulled from under [their] feet.” The woman said that people immediately started falling backwards and on top of one another. She said that she fell flat on the ground while her son got his feet stuck in the teeth of the escalator.

Luckily, the woman’s daughter was pulled to safety by someone riding the escalator the other way and was not injured. In all, there were five people who needed medical attention because of the incident. The escalator has remained closed while authorities try to figure out what caused the accident.

Oftentimes, when people are injured while riding on MBTA modes of transportation they can file an insurance claim or bring a lawsuit under the state’s tort law. In addition, people who are injured while using stations, platforms, stairs, elevators or escalators are also often able to pursue these options.

Source: My Fox Boston, “Mom and son hurt during escalator collapse,” 6/19/2011.