Massachusetts man injured while tree trimming

Even with the advanced technology that we have today, there are still many unsafe jobs that are performed by humans. Many people risk their lives on a daily basis in their jobs, including some involving dangerous machinery and others requiring going hundreds of feet above the ground. However, state and federal law require that certain safety measures are in place to protect all workers.

Yesterday, a Massachusetts man was injured in the Boston suburb of Dorchester while he was tree-trimming on Columbia Road about 30 feet above the ground. The man became stranded in the tree after a branch came loose and skewered his hand against the trunk of the tree.

Members of the Fire Department arrived at the scene and were able to rescue the man using a “cherry picker,” which is a machine that has of a bucket for workers to stand in at the end of a hydraulic lifting system. The device was set up below the man and firefighters were able to strap a harness around the man and lower him into the bucket and back down to the ground, the Boston Fire district chief said.

According to the fire chief, the man suffered “severe damage” to his hand from the accident.

Allegedly, the man, who appeared to be in his 60s, had been found standing near the very top of his ladder, which was balancing on top of an overturned shopping cart.

As you can see, the man did not have a very safe tree-trimming operation going. It is likely that the man could have set this contraption up by himself; however, it is also possible that he was being paid by a contractor to do the work. If this were the case, the employer could be liable for the injury because state and federal laws do not allow worksites to be this inherently dangerous.

Source: Boston Inquirer, “Dorchester man rescued after tree-trimming accident,” Ercia Noonan, 5/8/2011.