Cambridge police kick off ‘Click it or Ticket’ campaign

Beginning today, Cambridge police will be cracking down on seatbelt enforcement by participating in a nationwide campaign called “Click It or Ticket.”

Cambridge police will be joining the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security’s Highway Safety Division, the Massachusetts State Police and close to 190 other local law police departments in effort to raise awareness for seatbelt use, save lives and prevent injuries.

Even though most people know that wearing a seatbelt while driving is required by law, many still choose not to wear one. Unfortunately, this has caused numerous car accidents to become fatal.

“Too many people still believe that a crash will never happen to them,” the Cambridge Police Commissioner said.

But, as we all know, there are negligent and careless drivers on the road and serious accidents can happen anytime. This is why state police want to remind Massachusetts drivers and passengers to “always wear their seat belts or be ready to face the consequences.”

Click It or Ticket begins today, May 23, and will run through June 5, and this is the first year that law enforcement throughout the entire state will be participating. Reportedly, more than 180 police departments and the State Police will enforce a zero-tolerance policy for seat belt violations, which means that if someone is caught without a seatbelt, there will be no excuses or warnings and a citation will be issued.

Yes, fear of receiving a ticket is a good reason to buckle up in Massachusetts for the next few weeks, but the more important message to take is that seatbelts save lives. Too many times we see accidents, especially involving young people, that could have been made less severe had the drivers and passengers been wearing seatbelts.

Take the time to remind your loved ones to buckle up before it is too late.

Source: Cambridge Chronicle, “Cambridge police to launch seat belt enforcement campaign,” 5/23/2011.