Boston bus driver attacked by young men, crashes

In recent posts, we have discussed several bus incidents that have occurred around Boston and the northeast. Unfortunately, the luck of bus drivers does not appear to be getting any better after a MBTA bus driver was attacked and then crashed the bus into a Boston building. And strangely, the accident left the foot of one of the attackers stuck under the bus.

According to the Boston Globe, the altercation began at about 3:15 p.m. on the Route 15 bus when the bus driver, per bus rules, asked a young man believed to be in his late teens or early 20s to put out a cigarette he was smoking on the bus.

At that point, the man and around three or four of his friends began attacking the driver, police said, causing his head to hit the driver’s window several times. The bus driver was able to push one of his attackers out of the bus, but then lost control. The bus barreled into a street sign before slamming into a barber shop’s metal gate.

The accident pinned the leg of the attacker whom the bus driver had thrown off the bus, and he remained stuck until firefighters used air bags, hydraulic jacks, and the Jaws of Life to free him, a spokesperson for the fire department said.

The altercation and ensuing crash caused numerous people to be injured, although none of the injuries were serious, a spokesperson for the Transit Police said. Two of the males who are believed to have participated in the attack, one being the young man with the pinned leg, were taken to the hospital to be treated. The bus driver was also taken to a hospital to be checked out.

According to a witness, the threats to the bus driver continued as the young men were being taken to the hospital. Allegedly, an injured young man yelled, “[y]ou’re lucky. . . . I was going to kill you,” the Boston Globe reported.

As of last night, no charges had yet been filed in the case.

It is extremely unfortunate that these young men could have so much disregard for the safety of everyone on the bus. As we have recently seen, bus drivers hold the lives of their passengers in their hands, and one wrong move can prove deadly. The young attackers are lucky they did not cause a more catastrophic accident by their vicious actions.

Source: The Boston Globe, “MBTA bus operator attacked on route,” John M. Guilfoil, 8/12/2011.